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Songs From Worlds Past (Demos 2016​-​17)

by Camie

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and when i woke the wolves were out to wrap my skin around their fingers my city bore me in its hands but cut its cord and dug me graves for twenty winters and i was tired and it was dawn but i watched wolves carry on and drag my life across their floorboards out of town the wolves were out and they bit down look, the world's coming out like a nightbird fallen quiet, little lightbulb flicker in my bed and the wind, how it howls in the parking lot little pillow, put some rest to my head oh, world, you've always had me oh, world, you've had enough of me when all i've asked you for is happy all i beg you for, all night you for oh beautiful? no then why am i so
said the devil to my soul, "breathe it in - this time alone" pretty woman, settle in; you were born to fickle skin watch the rain bleed in your step, make the night one to forget and every loving word i've ever known's a foreign garden road every love, a summer rain - watch the world turn ripe again and every day, the cold comes through - taken back to me & you and all that i stormed through crucify me with your eyes, parted lips, and petty lies "look how beautiful you'll be" says the man who'll dance with me and every thought of love i'd ever cried became a cold goodbye no more dancing in the storm, heavy heart stops growing warm and every stupid thing i'd ever heard became unspoken words no more pretty as can be, i was born to dance with me said the bedsheets to my skin: humble down and cuddle in, play pretend in dreams of sin, weakened under boyish grin and every other man who passes by can see right through me no more clouds of feeble hope, dreams of lovers - now, i know pretty girls? achilles heel. do they feel the way i feel. pretty woman? foreign dream. what does it all mean?
i couldn't resist him, that was it i said my lines i watch his breath, unawares i watch his lovers through the autumn air and i watch him smile across at me i know i'm a hopeless heavy heart i saw the signs i watched the night take him back he says goodbye through liquor's looking glass and i brave the snow at ten to three and i've got no one sleeping in my sheets i'm bleeding someone, what the hell is wrong with me and you're no good for loving, and i'm one more dream to crazy, so it seems no i'm not good for loving the winter's coming into me i can't resist him, that's all i know i lied i hum his songs every hour we sing in sleet and he goes home to her and i feel his eyes weaken my knees i know i'm a hidden heavy heart, i play my part, i get a kick out of it with every passing hour i think of him and i hope his smiling smells of me and now i've got someone sleeping in my sheets so close to no one, what the hell is wrong with me and you're no good for loving and i lie, my mind is hazy, so it seems no, i'm no good for loving see christmas coming into me all hell's been undone in between my sheets i've cursed each someone, what the hell is wrong with me you might be good for loving but i guess you're not so good for loving me just hold me like you've done and i'll feel enough then not good for loving, see christmas coming not good at all dear, well in the new year.... maybe i couldn't resist him, that was it i know i lied i watch him breathe, unawares
and you're a six string joke watch the smoke from their lips grow higher and your heart's an auction bid and your mind is on fire and i'll dream of icicle men to freeze our fears to snow and i'll meet an icicle man and in we'll go... lean into me again touch me hard and say my name again you're too close against my chair, you kiss my hand through the smoke and you're like quicksand i thought about you all night long, you know that? i hate to know how much is wrong, you know that? you don't know that. so here i go again you said you love my little fire within some petty jokes and now your eyes hypnotize you said i see right through you and i hope you're right i said goodnight and i don't wanna be pathetic i don't wanna be another sad statistic another girl to touch your mind, i'd like to win it but you hold her hand until it's light, alright i thought about you through the wine, you know that? i thought about you the whole time, you know that? you don't know that. at all. stupid girl, he'll never look at you that way not like looking's what you'd like, but through his eyes you wouldn't mind and i will flow, i will go, overseas, summer breeze spring will come, i won't think of the boy behind the drink, but i thought about you through the night, you know that? i'm thinking of you all the time, you know that? you don't know that. you'll never know that and when i wake up again i'll think of you and i'll hate myself for looking away then remember sunshine through your curtains you cried on the phone those four days past i heard you're shacking up somewhere downtown, you bought me roses and we shuffled through the snow you said pull up your hair and let's go and long letters aside you've never crossed my mind
swore we'd be saints, mosaic cages but the storms raised on in our heads and let us into them said, look how far we've come from lingering pages to gypsy drums so come, one and all come together and let's go to the edge oh, sweet sorrow the ground grows cold, the leaves they fell like a pathway to future springs, the way it calls to me my future painted in purple shades like the city said goodbye and let the mountains breathe so come on close, close your eyes and let go on the edge burning red with love now, maybe i can let myself down here's to not being good enough for you cups of coffee, pretty stories here's to forgetting his name the way he forgot me winter winds will pass, love will paint the breeze - just as london waits for me and i wanna love you like i love christmas lights and photographs and life hello 18, hello happy, hello found my love on an old piano by a window of fallen leaves and big cities and it's hard to dance right on the edge and it's hard to dance with you
set fire to our minds, let me live through the rain there'll be sorrow and triumph and holes in my heart and a million words to say there are times, they may lose, they may mend there's a hurricane in my head they may die, they may win hey stranger, i've been looking for a miracle tonight when my head's up in the clouds and i've been trying to find solid ground and no i won't back down if this heart can't be red


"songs from worlds past" is a collection of acoustic demos, written and performed by canadian singer/songwriter camie between the years of 2016 and 2017.


released May 1, 2018

written, performed, and produced by camie


all rights reserved



Camie Toronto, Ontario

an alt folk troubadour hailing from the outskirts of toronto, canadian singer/songwriter camie has enchanted audiences for years with her intimate queer feminist croonings and delicate vocal tones.

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